About Bellair Farm


Bellair Farm CSA is a certified organic vegetable CSA in Charlottesville, Virginia. We grow seasonal vegetables and pasture-based meats on historic Bellair Farm in southern Albemarle County. The farm is also home to a beef cattle operation and a goat and sheep dairy.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to run a sustainable business and create a dynamic community around the farm and the food it produces. We strive to create a friendly and open environment where people can learn about sustainable agriculture, reconnect to the cycle of the seasons, and develop a meaningful relationship with the land and their food.

We work toward this mission by:

  • Growing clean, safe, delicious food responsibly and with strict adherence to organic standards.

  • Preserving long-term soil fertility through crop rotation, cover crops, and livestock inputs.

  • Raising livestock in a pasture with non-gmo feeds.

  • Providing a positive work environment and fair compensation for our employees.

  • Serving the community by welcoming groups and individuals to explore the farm.

  • Cultivating vibrant and meaningful relationships amongst our members through our CSA program.

  • Working closely with our like-minded partner farmers to seamlessly steward the land