Crew Spotlight: Chelsea Barbour

Chelsea Barbour’s energy is contagious. You can catch her at the Meade Park Market, where she is always working hard and usually laughing at the same time. She in in her second year farming at Bellair and we are very happy to have her. From tree ID to camping tips, she is a wealth of knowledge and she is learning more each day. On top of that, she is a hard worker even in the toughest conditions, all the makings of a great farmer.

This year, one of Chelsea’s focuses is managing the greenhouse. Chelsea’s quick learning and attention to detail have helped her excel in this role. The greenhouse is as organized as it’s ever been and the transplants coming out of there are in tip-top shape. Having her watchful eye on the greenhouse has been such a reassurance in the stress of the opening weeks of the season.

Chelsea has also been heading up our rabbit project. With the help of another crewmember, Rosie McKay, Chelsea has streamlined our chore structure and breeding schedules, but more importantly, gotten our rabbits out on pasture for the first time! As a sustainable farm focused on animal welfare, having pasture-based systems in place for all our animals has been a top priority. With our two new mobile rabbit coops, all the growing rabbits can munch of fresh grass every day.

Chelsea is a very active community member and participates in many civic and community events. She is very involved with the Quaker community and leaves us for 8 weeks in the summer for a Quaker backpacking summer camp, where she is the Assistant Director. Her ease with kids and expansive collection of word games and icebreaker questions come in great handy out on the farm as well!

When she’s not camping or farming, she likes to swim in the pond, throw birthday parties for her dog Skeeter and beat us all at board games. Give Chelsea a shout next time you see her and tell her how great she is!

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