Crew Spotlight: Alex Rickman

I wanted to give a shoutout in this post to Alex Rickman, crew member at Bellair for the last two years.

Alex keeps the bees at Bellair with the help of beekeeper Paul Legrand. Practicing a relatively hands-off approach to beekeeping, they allow the bees to develop their own defenses and safety nets for when times get hard. We started off the winter with one sickly hive and now have five total hives thanks to some new bees and splitting some of the healthiest populations. The bees are looking great so far and we have our fingers crossed for some great honey this year. Look for a blog post from Alex about the bees in the upcoming weeks.

One of Alex’s other specialties on the farm is tractor work. He is truly a master of the machine, creating clean lines and square edges every time. His bucket loader skills put mine to shame and he is a great asset on the farm in terms of getting tractor work done quickly and properly.

I had taken a picture of some of Alex’s tractor work, but I can’t find it, so I included this candid shot of him with a liter of beer on is birthday last year!

Alex loves farming so much that he grows his own garden on the farm, focusing on dry beans, sweet corn, and specialty vegetables that we don’t grow for the CSA. His hard work an precision pay off in a garden that is perfectly in order. He also has a little plot in the Children’s Garden that you can visit. He is doing an experimental “Three Sisters” planting there.

In his free time, Alex is a great musician, playing classical piano and learning electric guitar. He also loves hiking with his dog Skeeter, who you might see around the farm sometimes.

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